Mac OS X Leopard. Основное руководство (pdf)

Авторы: Дэвид Пог Переводчик: С. А. Маккавеев
Редсовет Редактор: А. Галунов
Mac OS X Leopard. Основное руководство [Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual] 60M, 877 с.
издано в 2008 г.
Добавлена: 15.12.2010


Mac OS X 10.6 поставляется без руководства пользователя. Эта книга «Руководство пользователя Mac OS X 10.6» на английском языке и ее версия Mac OS X 10.5 на русском языке ориентирована на лиц, желающих получить руководство пользователя Mac OS X 10.6. Текст, картинки и перевод идут почти 1:1.

Important reference book for Snow Leopard. Pogue's books are always extensive, with lots of screen captures and concise but thorough explanations. Mr. Pogue is not so highly technical that he forgets to answer the more mundane questions that you're not likely to find elsewhere (like, what's the difference between QuickTime Player, QuickTime Player 7 and QuickTime Player Pro?). The book is not just written well, it's illustrated and designed well, filled with necessary and just plain helpful information in a well-organized, attractive format. These Missing Manuals are not cheap, but just one problem fixed, or a couple of useable facts to remember, or one "aha" paragraph, may well be worth the entire price -- and this book is loaded with such things. There's so much information to cover that Mr. Pogue's impish sense of humor scarcely appears in the almost 900 pages it takes to be thorough. His Missing Manual books are my favorite resources, since I run a small business and have to be my own tech guy. The manuals have helped me to extend my grasp of necessary Mac technologies when my equipmentsoftware was aging, and also now that I've had to replace it with something brand new and mysterious. I keep Mac OS X Snow Leopard Missing Manual close to my work station.

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